Pain is Real. But So is Hope.


What is one of the first things you do after you bump your head or pinch a finger by accident?

You probably rub it and it feels better, right?


Could this be explained by The Gate Control Theory?

blog-4-image-2Devised by Patrick Wall and Ronald Melzack in the 60’s, the  Gate Control Theory of Chronic Pain is a famous theory about how pain works.

The theory asserts that non-painful input closes the “gates” to painful input, which prevents pain sensations from traveling to the brain.  Therefore, stimulation by non-harmful input is able to suppress pain.


Rubbing your bumped head or pinched finger would activate touch signals carried into the spinal cord by large nerve fibers.


Scientific Explanation: According to the theory, the activity in the large nerve fibers would activate the inhibitory interneuron that would then block the projection neuron and therefore block the pain!

In the gate control theory, pain messages encounter “nerve gates” in the spinal cord that open or close depending upon a number of factors.



When the gates are open, pain messages “get through” easily and can be penetrating & intense.

When the gates are closed, pain messages are prevented from reaching the brain and may not even be experienced.

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When You Have a Chronic Illness, Waking Up is a Victory.

Because of the debilitating nature of MIGRAINES, they often disrupt normal daily activities.

Migraine attacks can begin suddenly, cause a wide range of migraine symptoms and can sometimes last for days.


Therefore migraines reduce quality of life, making it difficult for migraine sufferers to perform their best in school or work and often lead to missed social engagements.


Statistics on migraines and quality of life:

  • Between $16.2 billion and $28.7 billion in workplace productivity is lost because of migraines
  • The annual cost of migraines is estimated to be $2,834 per migraine suffer
  • People with migraines miss up to a week of work per year
  • Migraines are the ninth leading cause of disability in women and the 19th leading cause overall, worldwide
  • More than a third of children who suffer from migraines report poor performance in school during attacks
  • The 1989 Health Interview Survey listed headaches as the third leading cause of school absenteeism

When a migraine strikes…

life can come to a sudden stop.


Drug-free alternatives

For those looking to avoid medications to relieve head pain, there are other options. Although it can be a rough, long, slippery slope of life-altering flexibility, the result of being migraine or headache free should never disappear from the

The SILENCIO transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device provides preventive treatment. Used once a day, it can reduce the number of migraine pain days per month. TENS is a technology that has long been used to treat general pain but this preventive measure approach for migraines is still in its infancy. Silencio Migraine Therapy is a custom-programmed application of a specific proprietary algorithm of TENS designed to reduce migraine/headache intensity, frequency and use of pharmaceuticals.

In the “Occipital and Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Migraine via Proprietary TENS Unit: 80 Case Patients” draft open case study, patients reported improvements in pain relief; with a 50% reduction overall. Determining factors including: severity of headache, the ability to concentrate, difficulty in performing social and work activities as well as the emotional function of migraines relating to migraine-specific quality of life. In blog-3-image-4Silencio’s ® Migraine-Specific Quality of Life Questionnaire, role function restrictive information recorded changes in interactions with family and friends, difficulty in performing work and daily responsibilities and a limited ability to carefully participate in everyday living activities. Role function preventive information recorded when headache or migraines led to cancellation, delay or stop of work and social activities due to intensity.  In the questionnaire, emotional function information was also recorded to determine if treatment led to a decrease in fear of letting others down; as a factor to determine quality of life activity and productivity.

Now what?

 If you are a migraine sufferer, you have probably already logged numerous episodes in your migraine notebook, identified triggers, made lifestyle changes, and tried While these treatments offer hope for some, they may not be working for you.  YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS! If you decide to discuss the options with your healthcare provider, be sure to ask about Silencio® Migraine Therapy.

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